Tuesday, January 23, 2007

framework for discussion and commentary

At this point, you have had the opportunity to read my lead article. You have also had the chance to review the contents of the book that I have written. It is my intent to release the material one chapter at a time, within several linked blogs, to keep the review process managable. Obviously, I am inviting commentary and discussion as an aid in elucidating the content of this book. I expect that the final print version will have postscripts attached to various chapters as a general enhancement to the content of the book.

I must warn the reader that this book is extremely content rich and assumes that the reader is capable of digging up support material not provided. This is a book of new ideas and a how to manual to assist in generating original ideas. It is not a book bent on beating to death one idea only. That is why we must break it up in logical sections.

I look forward to engaging you in the teaching of my ideas. I trust that you will find it as exhilerating as I have in developing this body of new ideas.

As new chapters are posted, they will be linked to the contents page in the lead article. Thus, you will be able to spot new chapters just by going to that page.

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